Conference Venue & Hotel

We are excited to announce that we have moved php[tek] to its new home, Atlanta, Empire City of the South.  We plan to make Atlanta the new permanent home of php[tek]. In fact, php[architect] used to host a regular conference in Atlanta many years ago called php[works], and it’s at the old location of that conference that we will be moving this year: The Sheraton Atlanta Airport


About the Location

The area around the Atlanta Airport has been under recent urban renovation and is a growing city area.  (The airport itself has just announced a $6 billion renovation that will make it even easier for people to fly into Atlanta.)  The Sheraton Atlanta itself is making guest room updates and will be fully prepared for us in May! The hotel is tucked into a corner of the airport grounds and is only a 5-minute complimentary shuttle ride away.  There are a number of restaurants within walking distance of the hotel, even more at the airport, plus offers a free shuttle that will drive you anywhere within a 5-mile radius for more options. But we doubt you’ll have much chance to take advantage of that.  Any experienced php[tek] attendee knows that we plan the whole experience for you at php[tek].  You’ll be having activities that last deep into the evenings, and then be up bright and early with coffee to start the day again!

Address: 1900 Sullivan Road, Atlanta, GA, 30337, United States

Booking your Hotel

We have negotiated a fantastic deal for our attendees. Rooms are available starting at $139 a night.  We realize that Atlanta is huge (as big as some states), and we wanted to ensure that we had good rates for not only locals but the people flying in from all over the world. Use the big button below to book your room and get the conference rate:

Why this Venue?

We’ve had some people ask us why we chose this specific venue instead of something in downtown, midtown, or Buckhead.  The fact that the hotel is only $139 a night is certainly a good start.  Moreover, php[tek] draws a huge international and nationwide attendance, and therefore having easy airport access with inexpensive flights was a huge boon to us. Also, it’s incredibly easy for someone to get downtown to do some sightseeing before or after the conference ends.  That 5-minute shuttle to the airport and then a 30 minute $2.50 ride on the MARTA (Atlanta’s light rail system), and you are downtown. We feel that it’s going to be a spectacular venue for what we do at php[tek], and look forward to you experiencing it as well!


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